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RO Writer Real-Time Backups

ROW Real-Time Backup can help you recover quickly from data corruption incidents and end-user errors, such as metric pricing mistakes and accidental ticket deletions. Multiple backups per day ensure you will not lose a whole day's work. Database recovery is easy, just a few clicks and you are back to work!

At, we have been using and supporting R.O. Writer ™ since 1996. We recognize that R.O. Writer ™ occasionally has database corruption issues. We offer an affordable solution: ROW Real-Time Backup, an application that works in the background to protect you from data loss, saving you precious time and resources.

ROW Real-Time Backup does not require users to exit or log out of R.O. Writer ™. The application runs in the background, automatically making a complete copy of your R.O.Writer ™ database, multiple times a day. The application does not affect your computer's speed or performance.

The frequency of real-time backups is determined by you, based on your business needs. The backup file is stored locally, on your computer or server.

Test drive ROW Real-Time Backup now. You can download the application for a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL!

RO Writer Off-Site Backups

Over 15 thousand hard drives crash every day. If disaster strikes, how quickly can you recover your priceless data and get back to work? Our solution is ROW Off-Site Backup, an automatic nightly backup of your R.O. Writer ™ database on an off-site server. Our support team will install and configure ROW Off-Site Backup on your machine. If you forget to do your R.O. Writer ™ end of day process, our backup still runs. Our process does not require your users to close out of R.O. Writer ™. Safe Back Ups

Your R.O. Writer ™ data will be compressed, encrypted and transmitted to a password protected directory on our server. You, and any users you specify, will receive a daily email confirmation of the backed up files in your ROW Off-Site Backup directory. This email will include: File name, Date, and Size so you can verify that a valid backup was performed. Your directory will store up to 40 days of backups. Your daily confirmation email also includes instructions for easy recovery of your data. A link will take you to your ROW Off-Site Backup directory, where you will enter your user name and password to quickly access your R. O. Writer ™ data, 24/7. Simply download the file, unzip and you are back in business! can also backup your QuickBooks, BusinessWorks, or other accounting data in your password protected directory on our server for an additional fee.

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